Club Activities

2023 United Way Day of Caring Zonta Team

The 2023 United Way Day of Caring involved 9 organizations and over 100 volunteers who serviced 30 homeowners with yard care assistance on Saturday, June 10.Team Zonta Coos Bay Area was represented by Margaret Melvin, Greg Dalton, Sherrill Lorenzo, Alissa and Nicoya Pruess, Genelle Hanken, Wyatt and Nicole Rutherford, Sherry Horne, Maria Gonzalez-Santos and Muriel Richardson. Plus, our many cookie-dessert bakers Tammy Dalton, Dora Daniels, Leisha Holmes, Debbie Schade, and Bonnie Foroudi.Team Zonta serviced four homeowners in Lakeside, Hauser, and Coos Bay. We cleared brush, trimmed hedges, cleaned gutters, weeded, plus much more! 

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Holiday Traditions Ringing the Bell for the Salvation Army
Hosting at Shores Acres Holiday Light Event