Community Education

Zonta Coos Bay Area Red Car Parade


Zonta Coos Bay Area has participated in the Bay Area Fun Festival Parade each year since 2007 to promote heart health for women. Our Red Car parade entry gathers red cars, drivers, and walkers carrying signs, to promote heart health for women. We partner with local car dealerships, who loan red cars to join the parade. 

Zonta Coos Bay Area Red Car Parade
Zonta Coos Bay Area Red Car Parade

Girls Rock it Tools & Trade Summer Camp 

The first Girls Rock it Tools & Trade (GRiTT) summer camp program was held August 16-20, 2021. Thirteen girls constructed toolboxes, birdhouses, and bat boxes throughout the week. In the process, they learned fractions, how to measure and drive screws, and the importance of teamwork. Small groups were led by instructors Margery Whitmer, Kay Westphal (former kindergarten teacher), and Amie Sacrenty, and Kimberly Wenbourne (Alternative Youth Activities), and everyone was led by our fearless leader, Rick Stillwagon (Oregon Coast Artisan & Trade Education Collective).  

Guest speakers throughout the week included Annabel Taylor (Recruit HIPPO/Helping Individuals Pursue Professional Opportunities), Macie McCurdy Jones (local general contractor), Amber Sorupski (Pacific Air Comfort), and Sabra Comet (South Slough Estuary). These speakers presented career opportunities in the trades, talked about their experience in male-dominated fields, and discussed the importance of wildlife preservation. 

This project was made possible by Oregon Coast Artisan & Trade Education Collective, Alternative Youth Activities, the Coos Bay Boat Building Center, and generous funding from Oregon Community Foundation. The logo was designed by former Marshfield HS Z Clubber Daryna Semenchuk.